Conflict Resolution Seminar/Webinar

Use your leadership practice to avoid, de-escalate & resolve conflicts

  • 30 minutes
  • Starting at $150
  • Location 1

Service Description

This seminar/webinar will teach athletic coaches how to use their leadership practice to, 1) set clear expectations in order to hopefully avoid conflicts with parents and between athletes, 2) de-escalate tensions or conflicts with parents or athletes that arise during the season, and 3) peacefully and amicably resolve conflicts so that everyone can move forward together in a better direction. With each passing year coaches are being asked to take on more leadership responsibilities for their team and athletes, including; having their decisions questioned by parents, guardians, or other people supporting an athlete on the team. This seminar/webinar will teach coaches techniques for how they can set reasonable expectations for athletes and their supporters upfront in order to hopefully avoid future conflicts or tensions. It will also provide coaches with the tools they need to de-escalate conflicts with these same supporters, and afterward bring the situation to a peaceful and amicable resolution where everywhere feels heard and is understanding and accepting of the outcome. The price for this seminar/webinar starts at $150 (longer seminars/webinars with additional topics covered will increase the price) and there is no maximum number of participants. If interested, book a 30 minute meeting to discuss further.

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